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December 2015

Volume 1 Issue 3


Research Article

The Effectiveness in Detoxification and Deodorization of Water with Small molecular mass in Turtle Study

Mingyang Lian*, Qingshan Li, Yanmin Qian

Turtle, known as a medicine of health protection, is senior delicious taste. In order to raise the production, many farms add drugs to the feed, which not only induces the decrease of immune ability of broilers, but also increases drug residue in turtle meat, creates many potential food safety problems for consumers. In this paper, a new simple method of water with small molecular mass breeding to reach the goal in detoxification and deodorization of turtle is put forward. By this way, we have successfully been harvested a batch of turtles that has excellent safety guarantee.

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Review Article

New Cancer Therapies for the 21st Century: A Two Decade Review of Approved Drugs and Drugs in Development in the United States

Erlinda M. Gordon*, Neal S. Chawla , Frederick L. Hall, Sant P. Chawla

The approval of cancer drugs by the United States Food and Drug Administration have increased progressively over the past two decades with a trend towards the adoption of targeted drugs which are more precise in their mechanisms of action. Advances in genetic profiling, immunohistochemical analysis of tumors, biomarker development, and a renewed appreciation of the tumor microenvironment have produced a new generation of targeted chemical and biological therapies. These innovations are the fruits of basic research in molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, and immunology.

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Case Report

Barbeque Beget Syncope

Rhea Thurston, Nilay Patel*, Balaji Yegneswaran

A 32 year old Hispanic male truck driver with no known medical illnesses was last noted to be well 3 weeks prior to presentation. He attended a barbeque in a friend’s backyard in a wooded area in Central Jersey and a day later noticed a rash on the posterior aspect of his right thigh. The lesion was described as erythematous and painful (Image 1). In the days following, he began experiencing headache, myalgias, arthralgias and subjective fevers. This led to two visits to urgent care facilities were he was prescribed oral antibiotics which he took for 5 days. After completing the course of the antibiotics, both the rash and symptoms resolved.

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